Welcome to Maity Poultries Pvt. Ltd.

Started Poultry (Layer farm for Egg Production) Unit from 1984 as a small unit. At village. Kumarpur, P.O- Panchkhuri, Dist – Paschim Medinipur W.B. Pin -721150. With a vision to achieving for met-up & less dependency of the state’s required commercial table egg Commercial eggs shall be produced in hygienically and country’s updated modern system having implemented

In 1998 it was converted into Private Limited Company as Maity Poultries Pvt. Ltd. under the guidance of the company’s M.D. Madan Mohan Maity, highly experienced Poultry Farmer in Layer farming in eastern India.

The company started production with 40,000 Layer Birds, Which was producing 36,000 eggs Daily up to 1999, when west Bengal having nearly no Egg Production on commercial sector and fully depend on Andhra predesh and other state in different part of our country. And the company Sales in the Local market of the production as a Local brand “Maity Eggs.” with a premium rate with guaranteed for good quality eggs.

In the year 2002 the companies also setup a new Unit’s At chunpara, Pratappur, P.O- Mahim Nischinta, P.S- Sankrail. Dist- Paschim Medinipur. West- Bengal. Along with a Company - Kumarpur Agro Poultries Ltd. Sankrail agro Poultries ltd.

  • :: Layer Birds Capacity ::

    Maintaining capacity nearly 12,00,000 Layer Birds with full modern Cages, modern automatic feed & water distribution system along with good Management, good hygienic & sanitation system.

  • :: Egg Production Capacity ::

    Presently daily Production is 10, 00,000 of commercial table eggs. And Successful selling of designer/ Value added eggs consisting of Vitamin A premium,. Organic Selenium, E and OVN Brand with collaboration with DSM international.

  • :: Leading the Market ::

    The unit is the biggest egg-producing unit of Commercial eggs in west Bengal and also eastern Part of the country (India). After satisfying local need we also export to Royal Govt. of Bhutan with good reputation.